Q&A With Madam Helle

It is understandable that you will have questions before meeting with Madam Helle, but please check here to see whether they have already been answered before you contact Her. Remember, whatever you are curious about, She knows what is best for you.

How do I address a Dominatrix?

Address Me as Mistress or Madam. Always be polite and don’t try to negotiate My boundaries. Call Me only within My listed working hours.

Could You give me some ideas for our BDSM session?

Please check My services to find out about some of the things I like to do in a session. I’m sure you’ll find them very inspiring!

What do You need to know before we meet?

Before meeting, I will need you to email me and provide information about your previous experiences, the things you like and what you’d like to try. You can find examples of introductory messages to send on my contact page.

What are You going to do to me in our session?

There are myriad things I might do to you when we meet, and I am happy to delve deeper into both our desires during a session. Unfortunately, I often find that people who ask this question want the excitement of hearing My answer without being willing to pay Me for My time. If you want a detailed back-and-forth about what I might do to you, contact me for My phone call rates. This also goes for Skype, distance Domination over email, and distance sub training.

Can I have a discount?

When I am offering any discounts or multiple services, I will make them visible on My website. If there are no discounts listed on My site, it means there are none available, so don’t ask. If you can’t afford a session at the moment, wait, save and then contact Me – it will be worth it.

I have arrived early to our session. Can You see me now?

Contact Me to see if I am available if you have arrived early. Sometimes it is not an issue, and even preferred, but always ask first. Discretion is very important and showing up early without warning is rude!

How can I show my gratitude? How can I buy mercy?

The best way to show how much you appreciated My time is by sending a gift or gift card from my Amazon wish list, or a tribute via my Paypal. You can also send me an email or text message after our session to show Me your gratitude.

What if I need to cancel our session?

I understand that sometimes life happens. Plans get interfered with – maybe you’re stuck in a meeting, or are simply petrified of actually turning up! But, I probably turned down other clients to see you and have spent My precious time preparing for our session. I expect you to give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or rearrange a session, and a good way to make it up to me is to send Me a gift or tribute.

Do You offer sexual services?

I am not an escort and do not offer sexual services/have sex with My clients. You are welcome to try your luck and make a request, if you have something really interesting in mind. If you manage to pique My interest, and are ready to pay Me sufficiently, then maybe you will have your wish granted. This will be at My complete discretion.