Madam Helle is a natural born Mistress with professional experience of over ten years. Her interests range from soft to extreme, she is sensual and severe. Madam has a large and super-equipped dungeon in Paddington and also works from her dungeon rooms in Holborn. Specialist in giving intense sensations, pleasant and rewarding, and also the opposite. Madam Helle always knows what is best for you.

Q. How should i call you? A. you can address Me as Mistress or Madam.Always be polite, and don’t try to negotiate My boundaries.Call Me only within My listed working hours.
Q. Could You give me some ideas? A. Please check out my website and get an idea of the things that I like to do.Then give me a short list of your experiences, the things you like and what you’d like to try.Example:- I had a session in which I was spanked and caned, and I loved it;

– I would love to worship your feet;
– I would like to try being tied up, humiliated and punished;
– I have a specific fetish about […].

Q. What are You going to do to me? A. To me, this question normally means you are looking for free phone sex. I know it and you won’t get it.If that’s really what you want, then just be honest and I’ll let you know what the cost will be.This also goes for Skype, and email Distance Domination, or training.
Q. Can i have a discount? A. If I am offering any discounts or multiple services, it will be on my website. If it’s not, then I am not offering any, so don’t ask. If you can’t afford at the moment, wait, save and then contact me.
Q. i have arrived earlier, could you see me now? A. Always contact me first, and request if I can see you earlier. Sometimes it is not an issue, or even preferable, but always ask first as discretion is very important and to just show up early is rude!
Q. How can i show my gratitude? How can i buy mercy? A. you can just tell Me after the session, or send an email or a text message, but the best way to show how much you appreciated My time is by sending a gift or a gift card from my Amazon wishlist or a tribute through my Paypal account.The same goes if you need to cancel a session. I know that sometimes life happens, plans get interfered with and you’re stuck in a meeting or you simply get petrified, but I probably turned down other clients to see you, and I have spent My precious time to get ready for the session. So, the best way to make it up to me is to send Me a nice gift.
Q. Can i… A. If you are about to ask any question related to any sex, better just assume that the answer is no as I am not an escort.If you’re feeling particularly lucky, and have something really interesting in mind, then you can always try your luck, and if you can really picque my interest, and pay me sufficiently, then maybe, just maybe I’ll decide to grant your wish, but only at My complete discretion.