If you’ve made your way here, it probably means that you want to contact an experienced London Mistress. Read this page to find out how to properly get in touch with Me and book a session. Make sure to show respect to Me in your communications and I may select you to receive the educational experience of your life. You will learn to obey and serve, and if you do well I will reward you.

Are you ready to finally be useful?

How to contact Madam Helle

  • Madam Helle’s preference is to be contacted by email
  • When you contact Madam Helle you must clearly identify your interests and fetishes
  • Madam Helle does not tolerate rudeness or disrespect. Be polite in your communication or She will block you
  • Madam Helle usually does not take reservations for the same day, and requires a minimum of 24 hours notice

Before contacting Madame Helle by e-mail She strongly recommends that you read all the information on Her website, where you can admire Her photos. It is especially important that you familiarise yourself with Her services. Requesting services Madam Helle has clearly stated She does not offer could result in your enquiry landing at the bottom of the pile.

Madam Helle takes discretion and confidentiality very seriously. She aims to respond to enquiries within 48 hours.


Madam Helle is available at two main locations – Her extremely well-equipped dungeon in Paddington, Central London, and her similarly furnished rooms in Holborn.

Contact details

Phone: 07456430863
If not an emergency, use this only after you have contacted Me by email!