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Delightful Dungeon Decadence

Attention!! slaves and subs are required to report to Madam Helle’s new dungeon for training immediately!! Madam’s exquisitely classy dungeon, which is located in a posh area near Hyde Park, Oxford Street, and Marylebone, will quickly entice the most discerning subs. The facility is a fully-equipped playspace which can accommodate parties, sessions, and punishments of the best kind!… Read More »

Dress Up & Serve

Hello to you, the lovely, curious, wonderful people out there who have decided to visit My site! I’ve been thinking about dressing you up in a properly feminine outfit, replete with all the accessories imaginable, and then training you to properly serve Me in an elegant and ladylike manner. Sure, you may feel slightly awkward and off-balance in… Read More »

Helle Cam

So, perhaps it’s known that I enjoy dominating individuals on cam almost as much as I enjoy dominating in person, and it’s likely that some of you out there can attest to this personally. The truth is that I completely enjoy taking control of you through your camera, and forcing you to do things for My amusement…. Read More »