Personal slave vacancy


Your Mistress is open to the idea of taking on personal slaves.

I am currently undergoing a recruitment process for personal slave positions. I seek service orientated slaves as opposed to slaves looking to have their own selfish needs met. If you think you may be suitable for me you can apply through my website and interviews will begin early in the new year until I find suitable slaves to fulfil my needs.

The role of a personal slave can be challenging and varied but always extremely rewarding. A personal slave will be offered the opportunity to form a relationship with mistress that is very different to a regular client. We will develop a connection over time and understanding of each other that far outweighs the mistress/client relationship.

you will need to be flexible and reliable for your Mistress. I may sometimes require your assistance at short notice for either personal or professional duties either at my home or sometimes in clubs or sessions. The specifics of your servitude can be discussed on an individual level and there will be a trial period where we can see how suitable we are for each other. you will be loyal to Me and serve Me and only Me.

you will be expected to contribute financially to my lifestyle, this is something we can discuss upon your application. I will not be looking for unrealistic or unnecessarily high contributions but do expect any potential slave to be willing and able to contribute something.

As my slave your time will be spent assisting me with a variety of domestic chores such as cooking, cleaning or shopping for example. you will undertake admin duties to assist with my schedule when required and you may sometimes be required to work with other slaves which I expect to be done in a professional non competitive manner.

you will need to be available to me for a minimum of 2 days per week for at least 2 hours. This is something that can vary from week to week and something we can discuss at the application phase. Anything and everything you do as my slave will be on my terms, this is the number one rule you must remember.

One position I have available is that of a 24/7 live in slave. you will be required to contribute financially for this position so you will need to be employed and financially independent, I am not offering free accommodation! Aswell as serving me and seeing to my needs you will be expects to pay my rent and be able to cover the cost of other expenses, details of which can be discussed during your application.

I am also seeking slaves who can only serve from time to time, maybe for at least one week every month in my private premises as house boy or girl. Again, it is important you understand that you will be expected to contribute financially when required. My lifestyle is not free and I am not here to enable you to fulfil your needs for fun. Equipment needs to be paid for among other things.

If you are interested in applying please contact me via my website with a detailed description of why you feel you are suitable and what skills you can offer me as my slave.

Please only apply through my website. Any potential slaves applying through any other channel will get no consideration! No texts or calls, use the contact page on my site to send me a description of yourself, your experience and what skills you can offer me. You must include at least 2 pictures so I know who I am dealing with.

I am an experienced and highly sought after mistress so please do not waste my precious time, only apply if you are serious and can meet my needs.

From there I will select the best applicants and meet them for an interview to decide who is best suited to wear my collar.

Any successful applicants will be required to send an initial tribute of £50 via Paypal to confirm the interview. This shows your willingness to follow orders and separates time wasters from the genuine applicants!

You have one opportunity to impress me so use it wisely and you could be at this Divine mistresses boot heel where you belong!

Good luck!

Mistress Helle