Delightful Dungeon Decadence

Attention!! slaves and subs are required to report to Madam Helle’s new dungeon for training immediately!! Madam’s exquisitely classy dungeon, which is located in a posh area near Hyde Park, Oxford Street, and Marylebone, will quickly entice the most discerning subs. The facility is a fully-equipped playspace which can accommodate parties, sessions, and punishments of the best kind! Perhaps you’ve been bad, a bit too lazy, or you need to be snapped back into line and taught how to respect and obey once again. Madam will lead you through Her red and black maze of furniture, implements, and restraints, before making you absolutely aware of Her total power over you! You may find yourself tied up on the bondage bed, unable to move a muscle, or spread over the spanking bench, ready to be disciplined, and then humiliated in front of a big period mirror before being made to act as Madam’s new toilet. If that isn’t quite enough, then Madam may fit you with a maid’s uniform and supervise you while you clean up after your dirty little self in a dress and heels. Now then, doesn’t it sound lovely? Snap to it and make it happen! NOW!!!