All free men should be locked up tight in chastity!

Hello lovelies, it has occurred to Me that there are too many free men running around out there without the structure, discipline, or self control they need to be the best men possible each and every day. I believe that if one isn’t in the service of another, then that individual should be locked up tight and controlled by a Mistress who cares enough to add that level of control to his life. Well, the good news is that I offer such a service, and I am happy to hold the key of any sub or slave who may not have the ability to serve Me in person.

Contact me to arrange an online domination session so that I may get to know your personality and vulnerabilities before locking You away for the length of your pre-negotiated chastity contract. You will be wise to obey and remain fitted with Your device once locked, or else there will be consequences as per contractual violation!